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Bowen’s Wharf is Ready to Welcome You

Summer is the most exciting time of the year on historic Bowen’s Wharf, with great shopping, outdoor dining, and twinkling harbor lights. In the heart of downtown Newport is our Welcome Center, located directly on America’s Cup Avenue next to our signature flag mast that st ands tall and can’t be missed.

The staff at the Bowen’s Wharf Welcome Center is smiling and ready to welcome you to our unique destination. You can purchase souvenirs and a wide range of merch andise and gifts are available that can only be found at the Welcome Center. We even offer the essentials, such as bags and umbrellas! You can also conveniently purchase your tickets for harbor tours and boat transportation in addition to other Newport favorite hot-spots such as vineyard tours and helicopter tours.

A few of our products designed by Brian Kiracofe from Newport Scrimsh anders.

Built in 2009, our Welcome Center has been a popular spot for tourists, as well as locals who are looking for more information about Bowen’s Wharf. Come down and visit us – we will have a map in h and ready to answer all of your questions!


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