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Spring Bubbles like Champagne at Bowen’s Wharf

The cultivation of spring begins indoors. Gardeners germinate seeds and shop owners introduce new goodies that will blossom into your new spring and summer favorites. Frank Gladding’s The Narragansett has relocated and renovated the waterfront at 15 Bowen’s Wharf. They’re bursting at the seams so skip in now to enjoy 50-75% off. The new space brightly showcases Paul & Shark, Ralph Lauren Polo and Max Mara for women… and more. They are true purveyors of classic sportswear for men…natty and new!


On the cooler days we all still like to snuggle and shop at home. Kristen Coates has launched Curated, a bountiful gift subscription service and a new line, Navy House: created and curated by Newporters to share the fragrances and feel of Newport. Visit the award-winning online Soap & Water shopping options for slippers, silks, soaps are more. These options continue to blossom.


Bowen’s Wharf Company is kicking off the spring festival circuit with a three-day waterfront party: presented by Moët & Ch andon. On ice will be plenty of champagne and oysters, Bloody Mary’s (tip: Whisky lovers and mermaids alike will recognize a hint of something special in their glass from Ardbeg) and over 14 Rhode Isl and Oyster Farmers. Limited tickets are available for Newport Oyster Festival so come find your pearl on the waterfront!


the fireflies begin to rise: up, then down, then up again:
lit on the ascending flight,
drifting simultaneously to the same height,
–exactly like the bubbles in champagne.
(excerpt from ‘A Cold Spring’, by Elizabeth Bishop)

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