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A positive look into 2021 at Bowen’s Wharf

Let’s start by taking a peek into the history at the heart of Bowen’s Wharf!
Winter may be here, but it’s been busy down at the wharf! We’ve been hard at work on bringing a whole new installation and wonderful addition to the wharf (keep an eye out this spring!) plus, we sat down with our President, Bart Dunbar, so that he could share the history of the wharf and his vision for the property since he originally purchased it back in 1969. You may not know it but, Bowen’s Wharf was not originally intended to be an area for tourists! Due to its location and deep water access, it remained a desirable seaport for sailors alike. However, once the Navy left and the Newport Bridge was completed around 1970, individuals from surrounding states, such as Connecticut and New York, began to see how accessible Newport was! Eventually, they started spending more time here which led many to purchase second homes as well. Thus, there became a need for restaurants and shops to begin to sprout!

A Bustling Wharf   

From sailmaker’s shop, sail-drying lofts, and an array of essential busy maritime buildings, historic Bowen’s Wharf was a center for worldwide trading. Well known as the anchor of Newport, Bowen’s Wharf boasts brick walkways, granite quays, and restored 18th-century commercial buildings that transport you back to the thriving seaport in one of the finest natural harbors in New Engl and. After the Revolutionary War the most active ship’s ch andlery was on Bowen’s Wharf and trade to all corners of the world continued until the mid 1800s. The cobblestone street, granite-walled quay, rare 18th Century wharf buildings, and brick 19th Century buildings all make this site unique both in New Engl and and in America.

A beloved destination for all ages.

Even before Bart purchased the wharf, Bowen’s Wharf has contributed to the city’s businesses and life dating back to the 17th century. Bowen’s Wharf is centrally located on the waterfront at the foot of Newport’s Historic Hill, with more colonial houses and public buildings than any other city in America. In the mid-1600s to find religious freedom, Quakers from Engl and, Jews from Portugal and Spain, and Baptists all came to Newport  They brought talent and a gift for hard work which enabled the settlement to prosper and it became the colony’s most important town and one of the New World’s busiest ports!

Check out the rest of Bowen Wharf’s history in our interview with Bart Dunbar and read more about the historical wharf!

Watch the whole video here!


Welcome back to another year of our Annual Winter Sale Days!

Join the merchants of Bowen’s Wharf for 10 full days of wharf-wide sales and restaurant promotions for family fun at this year’s Annual Winter Sale Days! What better way to spend a weekend than strolling along the glittering bricks next to the sparkling ocean at Bowen’s Wharf! We can’t wait to share the sales, promotions and overall happenings with you as we count down the days! Follow our Facebook Event for all of the recent updates!
We can’t wait to see you there!

The tide is changing!
We stay hopeful and look forward to a new year of events and the upcoming annual traditions returning to the wharf. As we enter into a new year, keep an eye out for more details on events such as our Annual Winter Sale Days, Oyster Fest, and more!

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