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Sail Away With Wooden Boats

The Newport Wooden Boat Show returns for the third year, (parking lot will be open for cars!) with new and old friends. Complexity and layers are the current themes running through the show. The Herreshoff S Class Centennial (all three fleets) will be hosted in Newport in 2019. The class is looking to attract some new members and would love to introduce you to their legacy. “S Class sloops, designed by Nat Herreshoff late in 1919, comprise one of the most significant one-design racing classes of the era. They are revered by their owners for their responsive helm, for their ability to st and up to a breeze, and for their ability to ghost along in light air.”

On display by the main flagpole beside a Monomy from First Light Boatworks will be Swallow, owned by Andy McClatchy, formerly the restored boat of Frank McCaffrey, who was also known as the S-Boat Doctor. Sharing the 15×25′ tent with cannons from Strong Fire Arms Co and the popular Nantucket Bagg Company the S Class is screening video from Antigua, thanks to Angus Davis, with historical and current information.

A photography exhibit of S Boats by well-known photographer, Cory Silken encourages photo sales where a portion of the proceeds will benefit the class. You will want to check out the upcoming book collaboration between Cory and his father Alan. Adjacent, Arey’s Pond Boatyard will be displaying two cat boats.

nSupport for the Centennial comes from The “W” Class, Narragansett Shipwrights, Baltic Boat Works, Sparkman and Stephens, Hinckley, Bristol Marine, Newport Shipyard, Classic Cruises of Newport, Sail Newport, Herreshoff Marine Museum, IYRS and IYAC. 

 At Bowen’s Wharf Marina, an oasis in the midst of the sprawling Newport International Boat Show, you might like to take a moment to sit quietly onboard Squaw enjoying the sounds of seagulls and the waves lapping against the cedar and oak. Speaking of oak…

Cloudy Bay Vineyards from New Zeal and will be offering tasting notes and complimentary samples of their Pinot Noir. Senior winemaker, Tim Heath tells us, “The complexity builds upon tasting with earthen notes of graphite, smoke, and toasty oak characters.” Speaking of toasty oak characters…there are some amazing people and products throughout the show, so be sure to strike up some conversations. Namely, with Ballentine’s Boat Shop about Ariel II, their newly restored 46′ Power Cruiser.

FREE ADMISSION to the entire show, come #SailAway with all of us!

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