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225 years ago, on the morning of August 17th, 1790 George Washington arrived in Newport, Rhode Isl and. Washington’s commitment to religious liberty, the involvement of people in the new democracy, and the campaign for the Bill of Rights all came together that day in August. The result is the Letter to the Hebrew Congregations of

With so much musical madness and culture around the corner, here’s how to navigate the upcoming music and film activities happening in Newport this month. While the Newport Music Festival (Classical) is already underway throughout town, this weekend the Newport Folk Festival, runs July 24th – July 26th at Fort Adams. Folk music has been a

Bowen’s Wharf is excited to announce we are partnering with Fort Adams as part of the many heritage tours offered through our newly renovated Pilot House. Fort Adams is home to festivals and events all summer long. This past weekend they hosted The 5th Annual Water Brothers Surf Fest, founded by Newport local and legend Sid

Newport has a long sailing history and our picturesque harbor is known to many as the “The Sailing Capital of the World”. Home to America’s Cup sailboats, classic schooners, luxury yachts, and everything in between we are excited that the 5th Annual Bacardi Newport Sailing Week was hosted downtown at Newport Yacht Club. The art

While numerous Bowen’s Wharf merchants participated and were recognized with awards this year, one st ands out as particularly well connected to our new Heritage Tourism ticket program. Don Roy, of Custom Canvas Newport, printed and displayed the photo above in their window during the Newport Flower Show (this year’s theme: Roses/American Beauty). This Dooney and


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